El Brezal Natural Jams are made with the best, carefully selected hand picked fruit, without any artificial aromas or colourings, and following the century old traditional homemade recipe.
Strawberry Extra Jam

El Brezal Strawberry Jam, a timeless classic. 14.5 strawberries from southern Spain turned into a delicious jam with which you can treat yourself and your family.

Peach Extra Jam

El Brezal Peach Jam, perfect for yor everyday breakfast. Delight your senses with this sweet, juicy jam made with 1.5 100% Spanish peaches harvested along the Mediterranean coast.

Apricot Extra Jam

El Brezal Apricot Jam, a vibrant and exquisite jam made with 5.5 locally grown, hand-picked apricots. Give your afternoon snack a unique twist with its heavenly taste.

Raspberry Extra Jam

El Brezal Raspberry Jam, the perfect addition to your cheesecake! 81 lush raspberries grown in the sunny andalusian fields will give your homemade desserts the fruity touch you’relooking for.

Orange Extra Jam

El Brezal Orange Jam, pure Mediterranean flavour. Made with 2 oranges, its bittersweet taste will combine perfectly with some buttery toast or chocolate muffins.

Blueberry Extra Jam

El Brezal Blueberry Jam, 101 whole blueberries will flood your palate with their incredible goodness. Wether you have it on toast or just by itself, you will never be disappointed.